Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Favorite Iphoneography Apps...

I have another confession....

I am a IG addict...completely and totally obsessed! :0)  Instagram, for me, is beyond a place to add filters to a photo.  It has become my {social} outlet, with all the political ranting now filling facebook everywhere I look, I turn to Instagram to catch up with everyone ;0) so much more inspiring!  It gives me a chance to glimpse into their souls; to see what beauty captures their eye, and their truths.  I love the interaction and support that comes from Instagram, it is the first thing I check in the mornings...

So Instagram is more social to me than a {photography app}.  While I like the filters they offer and the tilt-shift blur effect I prefer to edit my photos in other apps.  I thought i would share a couple of my go to apps for editing photos...oh, and if you are an IG'er I would love to see your truths and beauty, you can find me here:
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Lo-Mob: Love this app for the TTV filters and emulsions, you can actually see your photo applied to the different filters instead of waiting for a preview.  This app definitely doesn't work on all types of photos but for lovely horned herefords it is beautiful!


PhotoToaster: This app is amazing for all it's filters and effects!  I also love the control you have over a texture you are applying.  Oh, and the Airprint feature....{divine}!!

Camera+: This is my go to camera on my phone.  The zoom feature, area of focus, and depth of field effect are essential to me.  When applying an effect you can see your photo in nine different filters, definitely a must for an impatient person such as myself! ;0) Maximus thinks it's pretty nifty too!

ScratchCam: This app is my most recent download.  There are many different textures, colors, and scratches you can apply to a photo...again, this app may not work with certain photos just use your creativity and play!

Vintique: I love the move and scale feature of this app!  It opens right up to the controls, you can crop, rotate and adjust to your hearts content.  There are oodles, and oodles of filters you can apply to your photo, again you can see your photo with all different effects on it...{perfection} The vibrance, temp + tint, and vignette controls are some of my favorites.

Remember there really is no right or wrong way with iphoneography!  The best advice I can give is to jump right in, mix and match apps, and enjoy!

What are some of your favorite apps??  You know I have an addiction and would love to hear!


traci said...

i love it too. i have most of these apps, but am definitely checking into scratch cam. thanks!!

busybee said...

I LOVE IG!!! Totally addicted! I wasn't able to find the scratchcam but I'm going to keep looking! Thanks so much for the hints!!!! I started following you! Come follow me @jennluvsjosh9

Nancy Wyatt said...

Your photos are always so amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!


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