Friday, June 22, 2012

The Remodel

I really didn't ever believe that I would say the word remodel. We first moved in right after we were married and 14 years later we are still here! Not a happy girl I can tell definitely hasn't been easy. I have finally realized that my husband's heart is here and where he dreamed of raising his little family.

The home was originally built in the 1890's with an addition added sometime during the 1940's. There has never been any real upkeep done on the place, just little projects done in order to get by. We are going to have to totally gut this place, right done to the frame.

Our plans should be about finished, I can't wait to show you what I have envisioned for our little prairie home, in the mean time I thought I would share the inspiration behind this whole remodel. All photos are sourced and can be found on my board {Little House} on pinterest...the is much more inspiration there. I didn't want to overwhelm you! :0)

I really want to reuse the wood siding from the home on the interior. I was thinking about adding paneling, not necessarily throughout the whole home maybe just accent walls?!? Any thoughts??

I've learned my lesson with white flooring though... ;0) I still love the look but I won't be adding it in.

I must have a vintage windmill to hang on the wall, Iowa girls you just might see me soon on the hunt! :0) Anyone know of a good source?!? *love* them dearly!

If any of you have been through a remodel do you have any advice?!? We are excited but not sure where to begin, feeling a little overwhelmed right now! :0)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saddled Up and a Winner


As a child I never thought how much I would come to *love* a month so much. I never realized how nostalgic I would become and how I would cherish each moment of this magical month. Blogging has definitely taken a back to seat here, our main seat and mode of transportation this month is this...

I cherish each moment spent in the saddle, behind our herd of cattle. Listening to the bellows of mamas and babies, not so enjoyable when it is my own children bellowing at each other but what do you do?!? :0)

I want to *thank* each of you for taking the time to entire Kim and Xanthe's giveaway. I have read and reread each and every comment, taking in the strength, the passions, the insecurities, and realizing I'm not alone. You are all truly beautiful!

I finally have chosen a winner; I can not begin to tell you how hard it was! I wanted you all to win a spot...sigh...maybe when the husband brings home a calf check I can all splurge and award everyone! ;0) Do you think he would go for it?!?

For now....
was the number picked and Jackie Cate is the winner!! Congrats girl! You have been such an inspiration to me for so long now, {such an amazing artist and photographer!!} I cannot wait to see what direction your passions take!

*Thank You* again to everyone for stopping by and sharing your passions. Within the next week I hope to share some of what they were and talk a little about what has helped me give voice to my passions. For now it is back in the saddle trying to get some stubborn old gals to stay on the right side of the fence! :0)


Monday, June 11, 2012

E-Course Giveaway!


Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed with it? This year has been so difficult for me, I cannot seem to gather of my thoughts, I feel as if what I have to share doesn't compare to what is out there. I just feel a little {blah}...

I then have to remember why I started blogging in the first place. Blogging for me has always been about sharing my passions. Photography, gathering farm finds, my life on a cattle ranch and farm, the beauty of cattle grazing in the prairie green pasture....blogging has given me the opportunity to really focus on what these mean to me. It gives me the opportunity to break each one apart, to study and sink my roots deeper into the soul of these passions. Then to share with you all what truth I saw in a photo, why the beauty of a certain piece whispered to me, why a cow can bring peace to my heart.

With that said, trying to create a space {worthy} of these passions can really take the joy out of a person...not kidding you, just ask me about the new blogger interface...gggrrr...
It can take so much of your precious time; time you would have spent {sinking your roots into the soul}. We all know how fleeting these moments can be and how intentional we have to be with our time. My dear friend Kim {a true kindred spirit} and Xanthe {whom I have yet to meet but just know for certain we are kindred spirits :0) }, to rescue! Check out the new e-course they are bringing to the e-course frenzy...

{a small glimpse of where they create beauty}

An A to the men people! Isn't that what it is all about! Blogging your passion, and creatively to boot. Here is Kim's and Xanthe's short version of what this new e-course covers and why it would help a girl out...

We will share the details of how and what we shoot, our processing secrets and finally how we share all this on our sites.

We are all unique. The key to great blogging lies in authenticity and sharing your true passion.
The student will leave this course with a clear vision of their blogging mission....concrete ideas to make it happen....and inspiration to spread their unique vision.

This is not a technical blog-building eCourse. We will not be showing you how to create a blog from scratch. However we will offer some great resources for this. Building a blog is really just the beginning..... It's what you pour into it that's key.

In this class, we will take you behind the scenes…sharing our daily creative process. We will share the ins and outs of what we shoot, how we shoot and finally how we share it on our blogs.

Wanna know how we put a post together? Want tips on staying focused and getting your post written quickly and efficiently? We are sharing it all.

How 'bout tutorials on all the extra little touches...such as image layouts, blog headers, buttons, mouseovers, animation, slide shows, and even short films....Want tips for telling a story with your photos? We got it covered.

Having trouble finding focus? finding your voice? It's hard! But we have lots of tips to share.

We're super excited to share all this and much more with you.

For more information on what is covered in the course and the long version of why this is going to be absolutely amazing on all levels,head on over to Reflection of You and check out Behind the Scenes information page...

I couldn't be more excited about this! Finding focus is exactly what I need right now, and since blogging is about sharing...guess what friends...Kim and Xanthe have been SO generous in offering a spot to a lucky Faded Prairie reader!! Whoot, Whoot!

So tell us what passion{s} do you want to give voice to? What direction would you *love* for your little piece of blogland to go in? Just leave a little note here to be entered, of course sharing the news about this giveaway will give you extra chances also {be sure to leave a link please}!

*Giveaway will end Friday night, 5:00p.m. MST*
*Open to all US and international friends*

Good luck to you all!



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