Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I'm not exactly sure where July has run off to...sigh...I'm not even sure where the whole summer has gone! I'm not ready, I feel myself digging my heels in and grasping for all it's worth.

Since July feels it must end, I don't know a better way to spend it than here....

Although I'm not showing this year due to our hectic life here on the farm and ranch, I will be flying in to spend the weekend with the boys and all the *fabulous* vendors!!

It is so hard for me to put into words my love and joy that the Barn House family brings to me. I posted about my experience last year here, and although it has been an entire year words still fail me when I try to explain the Barn House Experience. I have never before felt such serenity, genuine love, and pure enchantment that surrounds this family and farm.

I truly hope that you can make it this weekend, it is the one vintage show you don't want to miss!! Be sure to check out Barn House on facebook for all the sneak peeks coming in. I am already mourning for things that can't fit in my luggage! ;0)

See you soon dear PNW family and friends!


Monday, July 2, 2012

The beauty of agriculture

I have long tried to capture in words the reason for my deep love of agriculture and those who live the life. To try and help others understand why we do what we do each day, why we have such a strong sense of pride for this humble lifestyle.

I recently came across this quote by Elizabeth Ros and I believe it says it all...

We are family, we are bound together by our tragedies, struggles, and triumphs through sheer will power and love. We have each seen first hand defeating losses; we have all felt the weight of these losses and the tug to just give up. We continue on through it all, knowing our lives have meaning, truth and beauty.

We are agriculture and we are beautiful...


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