Friday, June 22, 2012

The Remodel

I really didn't ever believe that I would say the word remodel. We first moved in right after we were married and 14 years later we are still here! Not a happy girl I can tell definitely hasn't been easy. I have finally realized that my husband's heart is here and where he dreamed of raising his little family.

The home was originally built in the 1890's with an addition added sometime during the 1940's. There has never been any real upkeep done on the place, just little projects done in order to get by. We are going to have to totally gut this place, right done to the frame.

Our plans should be about finished, I can't wait to show you what I have envisioned for our little prairie home, in the mean time I thought I would share the inspiration behind this whole remodel. All photos are sourced and can be found on my board {Little House} on pinterest...the is much more inspiration there. I didn't want to overwhelm you! :0)

I really want to reuse the wood siding from the home on the interior. I was thinking about adding paneling, not necessarily throughout the whole home maybe just accent walls?!? Any thoughts??

I've learned my lesson with white flooring though... ;0) I still love the look but I won't be adding it in.

I must have a vintage windmill to hang on the wall, Iowa girls you just might see me soon on the hunt! :0) Anyone know of a good source?!? *love* them dearly!

If any of you have been through a remodel do you have any advice?!? We are excited but not sure where to begin, feeling a little overwhelmed right now! :0)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



The Little Red Shop said...

What a wonderful project, Kristin! I'll be praying for you. Most of my closest real-life friends have lived with their houses torn apart for remodeling at one point or another…for long and short periods of time. (My bathroom walls have been gutted for…) : ) My friend Jenny and her husband bought his grandma's little house…and immediately REMOVED their only bathroom. I don't suggest doing that.

Happy planning!

Julie M.

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Your inspiration is everything I love. Your little prairie is going to be what you've always wanted. I have never done a remodel and wouldn't know where to begin either.

jean@pilgrimscottage said...

With your inspirational pictures, I have this feeling your remodel is going to turn out beautiful! Anything in wood is my favorite.

Faund Images said...

Can't wait to see the progress... It's going to be amazing, because that's just the way you roll!

Unknown said...

How incredibly gorgeous it will be when you are finished- so keep your eye on the prize. We renovated our main floor a few years back and while I really dislike the process, I love the results. It is worth it in the end but it definitely tests you while you are doing it! I can't wait to see it finished!!

Patty in Oz said...

Kristen, you are on the right road placing dreams in front.

Renovated our old 'once upon a time pig farm' near Valley Center, KS. It was very exciting and just as much hard. We lived with our three young children in a two bedroom duplex for nine months & made the drive to the farm house at least 5 times a week.

One suggestion, take LOTS of'll be amazed of the dreams you invision coming alive. I love all your ideas!! You go girl.

Have a great summer Saturday!

Marci said...

hey i have a sink just like that! galvanized tub on a cabinet found in an old sheep barn.;D

i can't wait to see what you do...listening to your thoughts at spark and knowing what creativity is in will be a.mazing i know.

Nicole Nechanicky said...

Well, this Iowa girl will welcome you and even hunt with you. There's a fallen down windmill at the farm. I have no idea what kind of shape it's in. It's been down for a few years, so needs to get 'dug up'. If all the blades are there, it could be pieced back together. I'll keep you posted.
And if you are serious, I'm going on a Junk Jaunt this Friday. I can be on the look out if you want a full/intact one instead. Just give me a price range. Or just start driving!


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